About Us

 In 1996, Ashlee began her residency in Florida, though she did not move to St. Augustine until 2006; she has considered herself a true local of the Ancient City since she set foot there. After a short time in college working on her Business Degree, Ashlee took the first few steps towards her business and community aspirations. After working for several years as concierge at 5 star resort to an associate at the local Home Depot,  Ashlee took her experience of working with people of all types to the next step. Behind the scenes of her daily work life, she helped friends and family with computer repair and social media, which then was only starting to become something of recognized household use. With that experience, she began connecting and networking people together to help their own businesses and aspirations grow. Realizing the potential in this and with the encouragement of friends and family, Ashlee decided to pursue this hobby as a business. In 2012, starting with just one client and close friend, Chelsea Saddler, Ashlee began to take hold of what would soon become a rapidly growing business that is rooted in the Old City itself. Coinciding with Chelsea, Ashlee also worked with Troika Studios on social media marketing for the Raw Martini Room. In 2013, Raven Promotions and Social Media was officially born. Since the official creation of the business, Ashlee has worked with many local businesses, musicians, and artists. Her professional clients and associates include Prince of Wales Restaurant, Mona Lisa Day Spa, Southern Hospitality, Cellar 6, Katherine Archer, Feathers Dream, The Foundry, Pegasus Gallery Tattoo, Lee Weaver – One Person Show, One Grand Wedding, Country Cottage Dog Grooming, Comic Connection, McCafferty Communications, Tara Reid, Chris Chambers, Courtney Cassandra, Dana Blanton, Lindsey Berman, Siding Industries of North Florida, Exquisite Homecare Services, LLC, Honey Life, Commercial Building Specialties, Park Avenue Paws, Youthful Medical Spa, as well as many additional side projects. With the development of these connections as well as the networks made through the now established Raven Promotions and Social Media, Ashlee began hosting Art Shows and other events as joint projects with Bleeding Tree Entertainment. Since hosting events and with the help of amazing media coverage and community support, the business has grown exponentially, while bringing focus and recognition to local artists and music.